How to Approach Shop Owners to Buy Your Creations

You have a great product and it’s selling like crazy in little craft sites like etsy and cargoh. Great! Now what? You know you should venture to retail markets, but how exactly do you get started?

Research, Research, Research

Visit your target shops first. You’ll need to determine if these shops match your wares. What types of items do they carry? Are they cutsie? Hand-crafted? Mass produced? What does the store ‘feel’ like? Does it match the feel of your items? Could you see your items in this store? Do your items seem price appropriate? Be sure to pick up contact info as well as the name of the person in charge of purchasing!

To Make an Appointment or Not?

The very best way to approach a store owner or buyer is to walk in. You won’t be giving them your spiel at this point, just introducing yourself and setting a future appointment. Stopping by is much better than calling as it’s easier for them to say “no” on the phone. Plus, they can’t see your items over the phone.

WARNING: whatever you do, don’t try and sell your items at this first contact. No matter how great your product is, the store owner/buyer may not have time to discuss everything at this point. If they do have time, they’ll tell you then. Best idea is to just make an appointment for a later date.

When you go to make your appointments, bring your handcrafted items along. Take only one or two…you don’t want to overwhelm the owner/buyer. Have a wholesale price list with you featuring photos and details of all of your items. A brochure is always a great idea. Right away, they can see a sample of your items and have the prices in their hands.

Professionalism is a Must!

Do your homework on your presentation. Everything counts at this first meeting. This is definitely a time where the old saying, “you never get another chance to make a first impression” is true.

Love your items. If you love your items, it will show when you are selling them. Be positive. If the owner/buyer decides not to buy anything…just remember that there are other shops. Plus, they may change their minds later. You never know when a customer will come in asking for your type of item…and your name will come to the business owner/buyer! Leave a business card and a brochure for the shop to keep on file. Always check back with them from time to time, either in person, or by phone or email, to see if they’d like to order some of your merchandise.

When you plan your wardrobe for your appointment, think of the shop. You’ll want to match the shops feel. Classy shop requires classy appearance. Relaxed shop might call for khakis and a relaxed approach. If you make wearable art, like jewelry, or quilted clothing, be sure to wear some of your own creations.


Confidence builder: Remember that the worst thing they can do is to say “no.” If so, there are other shops out there! Shops and stores are always looking for new and different…that thing that will fly off the shelves! By showing them your items and wares, you might be introducing them to THAT thing! You are doing THEM a favor!

How You Can Stay Healthy In Spite Of A Hectic Lifestyle

People often complain that they are unable to follow a fitness plan because their lifestyles are too busy. There are many times when the latest fitness plan fails and the person involved will typically put the blame on their hectic lifestyle. In many cases this is when job-related travel frequently takes you out of town. This can occasionally result in your lifestyle being unhealthy rather than healthy. Staying with a fitness plan becomes hard when your life is ruled by pressure and hurry, and business lunches and dinners tempt you to eat improperly. Even if your profession and life are extremely full, there are ways for you to maintain your fitness and we are going to take a look at them in this article.

If you are goal-oriented in your job, you are probably familiar with setting goals and have a vision for your career. This is also a good idea when beginning a new fitness regime and if you write some specific goals for your body and what changes you would like to make, you are very likely to find ways to get it done. If you can visualize how this will make you feel and possibly connect that to how it will improve your performance in your career, this can mean that fitness becomes part of your lifestyle rather than something you don’t have any time for. If you track the gains you make towards the targets you have identified, it will help you to strengthen your commitment to your fitness plan.

Advance planning will enable you to continue to be committed when work frequently takes you away from your home base. For example, if you can pick a hotel where you will be staying, look to book one that comes with facilities such as a workout room and pool. Otherwise, see whether you can’t find a fitness center in the neighbourhood of your hotel. You could also give some thought to purchasing the type of equipment designed to be easily folded up and taken on trips, which you can use to exercise in your room. It might help your cause if you make co-workers and business associates aware of your fitness goals as they may then understand why you want to avoid any unhealthy eating or drinking activities.

It can be just a matter of managing your time and looking for ways to work fitness into your everyday timetable. It is quite tough from time to time to motivate yourself to drop by the gym if you go straight home from work with the aim of going out again. If instead you intend to head to the gym on certain days before you go home, this will become part of your schedule and a way to work off any anxiety you have encountered during the day. Even if your life is busy, you can find ways to include fitness training and thereby build your energetic ability to handle a demanding life.

Only the Fashionable Look

The Art of Stylish Dress

Look around you and what do you see overall, a collection of people who are sloppily dressed. No matter whether they are male or female, they have hurriedly dressed without careful consideration to detail of what goes together to give them a “smart and fashionable look.” Many people on this planet are simply unaware of what really flatters their particular frame. Some wear clothes that are so tight that they give the impression that they belong to a younger sibling, rather than belonging to them, others are only happy wearing “tents.”

It is not necessary to buy the most expensive of clothing; it is how you put your combinations together. Buy clothes that show off your best features, play down the items that show off your worst points and you are half-way there. The same goes for color schemes. Plain colors give a flattering look to the fuller figure, whereas big floral patterns only make you look larger.

When shopping, shop wisely. Decide whether to shop for only what is the fashion of the moment, or else to go for quality. Remember, quality lasts longer, so this can be the better buy in the end. It is not essential to have a massive closet of clothes. Interacting combinations of outfits are always useful for all occasions. For evening wear, they can be dressed up with jewellery. This changes the whole appearance and you can look magical without extra cost of purchasing another new one.

Another all-important factor to remember is “Hair”. A good, well-cut, and colored hairdo is flattering in finishing off the stylish look to make you look and feel a million dollars! Then there are shoes. Worn down at the heels and scuffed, gives shoes a worn out appearance and ruin the look of what would otherwise be a smart outfit. On the market today, the range of well-made and exciting styling of shoes is unlimited. Open sandals for day and high-heeled stiletto designs for the evening are in fashion and very mod. Remember, that at present, scarves are very much “in” and these can dress up the simplest wardrobe.

Take care with your make-up. Badly applied cosmetics are not flattering. Your eyes reflect and tell a lot about you, so apply eye make-up that suits your skin coloring and looks good on you. Some people can wear heavy eye make-up; others must only apply it lightly. If you are not sure of what suits you personally, consult a skin care consultant to give you expert advice. The same goes with your base color, choose the right one to flatter as well as to hide any skin imperfections. Of course, finish off this routine with a spray of your favorite perfume.

Men too have entered the fashion market. There are large ranges of cosmetics just for them, with numerous after-shave products available. Their clothing is exciting, with interesting combos and colors to choose from and a selection of tasteful jewellery designed only for them, thus making, for the “fashionable look for all.”

Hair Loss Treatment for Man- Enumerating the Different Options

Many people suffer from hereditary loss of hair. For men, the abnormality is called Androgenetic Alopecia or “male pattern baldness,” which is implicated in 95% of hair loss cases. This type of hair loss is caused by an increase in dihydrotestostrone (DHT), a direct component of testosterone. While this type of hair loss is inevitable, it can be slowed using hair loss treatment for man and other various treatments.

Since the cause of male pattern baldness is caused by a rise in DHT, the most effective hair loss treatment for man is the one with that focuses on blocking the build up of DHT in the body. One such medication for male hair loss is finasteride. Finasteride is a hair loss treatment for man that works by preventing certain enzymes from converting testosterone into DHT.

Minoxidil is one of the most popular hair loss treatment for man. It is widely regarded as effective in about 25% of men suffering from baldness on the crown. It is applied twice a day in cream form. However, it is effective only when it is continuously used.

Surgery is one other hair loss treatment for man. Although the surgical procedures have undergone significant improvements, the effects are not evident until after several months have passed since surgery. In hair transplants, very tiny plugs of hair are taken from the side or back of the scalp, which are then transplanted onto bald spots.

Scalp massage is a traditional hair loss treatment for man. Massaging the scalp stimulates hair follicles and unclogs blocked oil glands in the scalp. It also encourages growth of healthier hair and scalp.

Tissue expansion is another type of hair loss treatment for man. In this procedure, tiny balloons are placed under the scalp between those areas with thick hair. Over a number of months, these balloons are gradually inflated.

Another hair loss treatment for man is to have proper diet as this is extremely important in hair loss prevention. What you are feeding your body will influence the different areas of system function. If you have an unhealthy diet, you have higher chances of developing hair loss. To prevent such thing from happening, be sure that you eat whole, natural foods as these will guarantee permanent good health. Make sure that your diet consists of whole grains, fresh fruits and lean meats. Protect your system by avoiding or cutting down on excessive caffeine, alcohol, tobacco products and highly processed foods.

Vitamins are another option for hair loss treatment for man. Taking vitamins that help prevent hair from thinning is another option for men who are suffering from baldness. These types of vitamins are valuable in aiding thinning hair and in the promotion of quick growth of healthy hair. These vitamins are typically a combination of amino acids, biotin, zinc, magnesium and vitamins B6.

Many who resort to this type of hair loss treatment for man report that these specific vitamins have produced positive results and that they already have thicker, shiny and healthier hair. If you want, you can take vitamins that are solely for balding and hair loss.